Ohh young, sweet love. Featuring Katie Cassidy and Jesse McCartney

21 (2)

P.S. Was anyone else obsessed with this photoshoot they did for Teen People. (rip teen people, love you/miss you)

I literally think about this couple about once a week. They are the ones who inspired me to start this blog.. because i mean who actually cares, right? (Besides me, obvi). I did my digging, and i suppose they dated sometime throughout 2004 and 2007.

Katie starred in Jesse’s music video ‘She’s No You’

unnamed (3)

“…She’s no you, oh no
You give me more than I could ever want
She’s no you, oh no
I’m satisfied with the one I’ve got
‘Cause you’re all the girl
That I ever dreamed
She’s only a picture on a magazine
She’s no you, she’s no you…”                                   (wow, what a bop)



Lookin’ cute at the  VMAs. Also, digging her industrial.

In 2008 Jesse McCartney was interviewed by Phil Roura for the NY Daily News. Jesse opened up about his breakup with Katie and said… “This was real s-t,” he says candidly. “It was my first big romance. It was the first time I had ever made this kind of a commitment to someone else, and when we broke up it just shook me in every way. It’s been hard dating after that.”

Aww poor, poor Jesse.. Oh wait luckily it’s been like 10 years and he’s probably okay.


Long Live Katie and Jesse. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.


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